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DR Mold Solutions is the Tampa Bay Area’s first stop for mold problems and indoor air quality concerns.

DR Mold Solutions is locally owned, family operated, licensed and insured.

Your health is our main concern, so contact us today for more a free phone consultation on how you and your family could be breathing healthier!

Do you have musty smells in your home?   Do you or other people in your home cough and sneeze while they are inside?  Are you seeing dark areas that look like dirt around your air ducts?

Did you know humans shed 1 million skin cells a day?  The particles you see floating in the air are skin cells.

Did you know your pets shed more than we do?  Viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants hitch rides on skin cells.

All of these are symptoms of contaminants in your air, including mold.

DR Mold Solutions is the Tampa Bay Area’s first stop for mold problems and indoor air quality concerns.

What we do

Test. Assess. Kill. Prevent.

Mold Assessment & Testing

A detailed report showing the species of molds found and the levels of danger they present

Mold Killing

A fogging treatment for the entire home or building to kill molds, viruses, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. The process is fast, affordable, completely safe, and extremely effective.

Air Purification and Mold Prevention

We offer the most advanced and safest stand-alone air purifiers and the most efficient HVAC air filters.

Our Clients Love Us

Jeremy K.

“DR Mold Solutions is our go to team for any mold issues we experience. As property managers it is important that we get any concerns addressed quickly and professionally when our tenants are concerned about things happening on the property. A+”

Ajla S.

“What an honest and professional company!”

Tom S. & Kathryn L.

“Doug Linder took the time with me on the phone to determine my best course of action. Determining I had Mold, he came out and treated my property quickly and efficiently. He is trustworthy and cares for his clients.”

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